On Sale Now

Here are some of our best selling styles that need to be moved to make room for our 2013 inventory!

Now you know you want one of our Creative Scrub Hats, so here is your chance! The discount scrub hats on this page are now being offered at $6.00 per hat so hurry to place your order today! Go shopping now by clicking on the link in our “shop categories” for the most up to date items on sale! Don’t see something you like? Check out our main shop!

Pretty In Pink Bouffant Style – J065 $6.00 ea.

Sky Blue Skies – J078 $6.00 ea.

Peaches and Cream Bouffant Style – J089

Yellow Cream Puff Bouffant Style – J104

Say it in Teal Bouffant Style – J055

Peachy Keen Bouffant Style – J060

Stylin’ Navy Bouffant – J087

Just A Lighter Shade of Blue Bouffant Style – J006

Cotton Candy Pink Bouffant Style – J069

Brown Baggin’ It Bouffant Style J068