The difference between Creative Scrub Hats and the competition can be summed up in 4 words Quality, Price, Selection, and Customer Satisfaction. We individually hand-craft each scrub and chemo hat (material print and style) in Manchester NH to reflect your personality.

We are Creative Scrub Hats located in Manchester,  New Hampshire serving New England and beyond. Our love for creating handmade specialty “scrub, chemo and surgical” hats comes from a long history of making patients feel comfortable about their hospital stay.

Looking for sports styled hats…we have them!

These Creative Scrub hats look great and help keep the work place and holidays festive. We have hats in all varieties of styles such as Bouffant, Tie Backs & Traditional and 95% of our scrub, surgical and chemo hats are one of a kind.

Want to make the kids smile…we love M & M’s styled hats are all the craze!


We individually hand-craft each hat to reflect your personality. Creative Scrub Hats of Manchester NH  has been providing our valued customers with specialty custom scrub, surgical and chemo hats here in New Hampshire and the United States for over 10 years. All hats are ” ready to go” and typically shipped to you within 2-3 business days.






Hats are a fashion statement in many circles but our scrub, surgical and chemo hats create a sense of calm, fun and pleasure! We look forward to serving you…the Team at Creative Scrub Hats NH.


Email us  at COLETTE@CREATIVESCRUBHATS.COM if you have any questions.